September 21, 2023

Exciting News: Introducing MEplace After School Club - Enroll Now!

After countless requests from our MEplace graduates, we are absolutely thrilled to expand our offering to school-aged children.

We know all too well the delicate balancing act parents perform: juggling clubs, finding sitters, or rushing to the school gates because a meeting overran... Don’t worry, we’ve been there too!

So, after countless requests from our MEplace graduates, we are absolutely thrilled to expand our offering to school-aged children.

Picture this: your child is met at the school gate by our dedicated team of teachers. Together, they travel to our warm, cosy, dedicated club space, filled with all the toys, games, and activities your child could want. Surrounded by friends, they’ll enjoy a delicious, freshly made, plant-based meal; try their hand at yoga; get moving in drama and dance; or even have a go at coding. It’s a time for them to build those lifelong friendships. And the holidays are sorted. Every time.

About the Space

Step into our dedicated club space, meticulously designed to maximise your child's safety and enjoyment. Fitted with an array of resources, toys, and engaging games, our environment is geared towards providing an enriching experience for every young mind that walks through our doors.

Opening Times

We understand the demands of modern schedules, which is why our doors are open 50 weeks a year, spanning both term time and holiday periods. Count on us to be there for your child when you need us the most.

Our Teachers

Rest assured that your child will be under the guidance of experienced educators who are not just teachers but also compassionate individuals. Our team is committed to nurturing each child's potential with care and expertise.

Fun & Enriching Activities

At MEplace, we believe in holistic education. Alongside the regular curriculum, your child can engage in a diverse range of activities, from yoga and drama to dance and music. What's more, they'll be treated to a nourishing, delicious meal, ensuring their energy levels are always up for the next adventure.

Tax-Free Childcare

Ease the financial burden with our exclusive tax-free childcare benefits. We understand the importance of providing the best care while also supporting families in managing their expenses.

Weekend Offer

Looking for some extra 'MEtime' on the weekends? We've got you covered! Extend your membership for just an additional £200 per month and treat yourself to four extra hours on Saturdays. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a coffee catch-up with friends, or a rejuvenating HIIT class, you deserve a break, and we're here to make it happen.

Secure a spot for your child now and give them the gift of a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment at MEplace After School Club. Join our waiting list today and let the journey of growth and fun begin!

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