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Meplace After School Club - Fun & Educational Activities For Children
Wrap-around care for children aged 4-10



& holiday

MEplace offers an after school club for children aged 4-8

about the club

An opportunity for children to unwind, build friendships and, above all, have fun.

open 50 weeks a year




during term time

3.30pm – 6pm

9am – 6pm

holiday club

qualified teachers





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about the space

We benefit from a dedicated space. Designed just for our club, it maximises both safety and fun, and is full of resources, toys and games, perfect for enriching your child’s experience.

Opening times

Open 50 weeks a year, we’ve got your back during both term time and the holidays.

Our Teachers

Our educators are experienced teachers and caring individuals, so you can rest assured that your child will be in capable hands.

fun & enriching activities

Enrich your child’s education with a wide range of exciting activities such as yoga, drama, dance, and music. They’ll even get to enjoy a nourishing, tasty meal!

Tax-free Childcare

Take advantage of tax-free childcare benefits, easing the financial burden while still providing the very best care for your child.

Weekend offer

For an additional £200 per month, extend your membership to enjoy an extra four hours of 'MEtime' on a Saturday, ensuring you come back refreshed and ready to spend quality time with your child. Whether it’s for romantic dinners, coffee chats or a HIIT class, you have the freedom to choose.


Memberships That Work For You

We offer two bespoke memberships for your family’s unique needs. Whether you prefer our Pay-As-You-Go Membership which gives you the flexibility to book attendance on a rolling basis whenever you need, or our All-Inclusive Membership for comprehensive provision, both options are designed with busy parents’ schedules in mind.

Hackney Wick (PAYG): £40 pick-up/£80 full-day
King's Cross (PAYG): £45 pick-up/£90 full-day
All-Inclusive Membership: £800/month

Remember, you can also pay through childcare vouchers and the Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

We know all too well the delicate balancing act parents perform: juggling clubs, finding sitters, or rushing to the school gates because a meeting overran...

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too! So, after countless requests from our MEplace graduates, we are absolutely thrilled to expand our offering to school-aged children.

Picture this: your child is met at the school gate by our dedicated team of teachers. Together, they travel to our warm, cosy, dedicated club space, filled with all the toys, games and activities your child could want. Surrounded by friends, they’ll enjoy a delicious, freshly made, plant-based meal; try their hand at yoga; get moving in drama and dance; or even have a go at coding. It’s a time for them to build those lifelong friendships.

And the holidays are sorted. Every time. And for those precious moments when you need a breather - whether it’s a spa day, catching up with friends, or some solitary wall-gazing - our Weekend Club is here. On its own or combined with the After School Club, Weekend Club is 4 hours of pure, enriched fun, every Saturday morning or afternoon.

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