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We are on a mission to empower parents to raise happier, healthier children.

Early life experiences shape the adults we become. They can change the brain for good, and a truly positive childcare experience goes beyond simply safeguarding your little one: the quality of interactions with others; the opportunities we have to learn about ourselves; and a focus on mental and physical health are all important. After all, most potential mental health concerns will not develop into illnesses if responded to early on.

Our unique nursery curriculum is forward-thinking, setting your child up for their school career, their future relationships, and the rest of their life. Read on to discover how we have combined leading research with the Early Years Foundation Stages to create our bespoke learning experience.

The facts
Brain Development
90% of the brain develops by age five. Early experiences shape synaptic connections, impacting cognitive, social, and emotional development throughout life.
Harvard Center on the Developing Child
Mental Health
Positive early experiences and secure attachments with caregivers contribute to emotional resilience and healthy relationships in adulthood.
Harvard Centre on the Developing Child
Physical Health
Early life experiences, including nutrition, healthcare, and exposure to stress, can have a lasting impact on physical health in adulthood. Adverse childhood experiences have been linked to a higher risk of chronic health conditions, and autoimmune diseases.
Dunedin Study
Language Development
Children who are exposed to rich language environments from a young age are more likely to develop strong language skills, which are foundational for communication, learning, and future academic success.
Hart and Risley Study
Educational Achievement
Children who receive a strong educational foundation in their early years are more likely to perform well in school and pursue higher education.
HighScope Perry Preschool Study
Focus on Mental and Physical Health

We promote the development of mental and physical health in the Early Years, through:

Our Team

Our dedicated teachers undergo specialist training in early childhood psychology. The relationship they build with your child will be warm, caring, and built on a foundation of expertise.

Our Activities

In addition to fostering academic excellence, we equip your child for life with daily mindfulness and gratitude practices, as well as weekly enrichment in yoga, sports, music, and our enchanting Forest School.

Our Environment

From eco-friendly nappies and wipes to non-toxic cleaning products, we carefully select all our resources, seeking not only to provide the highest quality of care, but also considering our impact on the planet.

Our Food

We source top-quality seasonal ingredients from ethical farms. Our fully plant-based menu is both delicious and nutritious, carefully designed for your child by our in-house nutritionist and naturopath.

Our Approach to Education

At MEplace we have designed a curriculum that not only covers the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Goals, but also nurtures kind, conscious human beings.

Our unique approach is informed by research into paediatric neuroscience, child development, psychology, learning sciences and language development. We follow the works of Dr Daniel Siegel, Dr Violet Oaklander, Maria Montessori and Steven Pinker, all while taking inspiration from the Finnish approach to education, where learning occurs through play.

Considering the needs of the modern world, we developed a bespoke curriculum centred around six pillars: Mind, Body, People, Life, Planet and Fun. Through these, we offer a holistic approach to growing up which nurtures children's concept of self, helping them to love their ME.

our pillars


Learning to nurture and connect with your inner self

our pillars


Learning to understand and appreciate your physical body

our pillars


Learning to communicate, collaborate and understand others

our pillars


Learning to embrace creativity

our pillars


Learning to love and care for your environment

our pillars


Learning key life skills and growing curious about the world