September 21, 2023

Calm Teddy Breathing Adventure

Suitable for all ages

Materials Needed: Speaker, device, stuffed animalsBreathing is a fundamental rhythm of life, something our bodies do effortlessly. It's like nature's way of inhaling through our noses and exhaling through our mouths. Not only does it provide our bodies with the vital oxygen they need to stay strong and healthy, but it also has the power to bring a sense of calm and relaxation. In a way, our breath is like the gentle wind that makes dandelion fluff dance in the breeze, and it, too, can help us find inner peace.

Activity: Find a cozy spot for your child, either on the floor or a soft mat. Encourage them to cradle their stuffed animals close to their hearts. Guide them through the art of slow, deep breathing, inhaling through their mouths, which causes their stuffed animal to rise, as their lungs fill with air. Then, guide them in a soothing exhale through their mouths, allowing their stuffed animal to gently sink as they release their breath.

Lead your child through a few rounds of this calm and comforting breathing exercise. Encourage them to focus on the rhythm of their breath and the soothing presence of their cherished stuffed companion. After a few rounds of serene breathing, take a moment to ask your child how they feel.

Thank your child for participating and remind them that they can return to this tranquil breathing practice whenever they desire a sense of peace and comfort.

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